Mim Heinrichs was born and raised in the Ozark mountains of northwest Arkansas. She learned to sew, cook, and quilt from her grandmother and to sing and love life from her dad. She thinks it was pretty good start in life. She sang and danced her way to adulthood where, at last, she found Joanie, her singing sister, and together with Julie and Marya, founded Sugar on the Floor, a traditional singing group that loves a cappella harmonies. She has traveled, laughed, cried, been lost, been found, and sung her heart out with these women of six years. And, as one good thing leads to another . . . she now has the amazing luck to be singing, dancing, and making music in the fine Ozark tradition with Joanie and Steve.

Mim has taught classes and workshops in Cape Breton step dance at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, WV, the Ozark Folk Center in Mtn. View, AR, and at Petit Jean State Park Dance weekend in Morrillton, AR. Mim and Joanie perform frequently at the Ozark Folk Center auditorium main stage and at the Ozark Traditions courthouse stage in Mtn. View. Local venues include the Historical Arkansas Museum in Little Rock, the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, and many others. Dance performance includes Irish Step Dance, Flamenco, and International dance. At the Hindman Settlement school in Hindman, KY, she has studied and performed with her cherished friend, Sara Grey, flatfooting and harmony singing with Aubrey Atwater, and tap dancing and group singing with Elwood Donnelly. She has stolen flatfooting steps from everyone she sees dance, especially Steve.

She adds high, clear harmonies to Joanies beautiful, strong singing, and clawhammer banjo accompaniment both to their singing and to Steve's fancy footwork. With lively foot percussion, washboard, and flatfooting, Mim ups the energy of any  vocal peformances.

She spends her days being a mom to her three wonderful sons, teaching Spanish, and tending to her critters at home near the West Fork of the White River in Arkansas.

~~Joanie started life in Oklahoma, singing, dancing, and playing mostly for her own enjoyment. One day, along came Steve and danced her to Arkansas, where she found Mim, Julie Minkel and Marya McKee. These four women discovered they loved to sing together and formed Sugar on the Floor, a traditional group now known for their vocal harmonies and high energy percussive ballad

accompaniment. Then, lo and behold, from this fertile ground grew yet another tree, Ozark Footsong. To both groups, Joanie contributes her strong clear voice, her guitar, and rhythms by way of washboard, foot and body percussion to create a unique and powerful ballad style. When not on the road, Joanie performs and teaches from her home on the mountain, surrounded by her family and friends. Life doesn't get much better than that.

 She is a regular teacher at the Ozark Folk Center, a cultural center for the traditional arts. She teaches  harmony ballad singing, old time couple dancing, including waltz, two-step, polka, schottische, and hambo. 

Steve Green grew up on a hill country farm in the Arkansas Ozarks, a region well known for traditional music and dance.The family bought "cheap land" in the Ozarks in the 1950's, and moved to the larger hilltop farm soon after. With an emigrant German grandfather, he has earliest memories of a Missouri community where old time American square dances shared the floor with Polkas and Schottisches.These “ethnic” dances were driven by the same high energy fiddle music, and occasional accordion, as the local jigging and flatfooting. His dancing shows his folk roots along with early competitive Irish step dancing and Scottish Highland dancing. He has performed by invitation at festivals in Ireland and England, and danced professionally with Dance Theatre International of Arkansas. Over several years he has taught day and week-long flatfoot dance workshops at the Whitby Folk Festival and Towersey Festival in England. He lives on the family farm in the Ozarks, and has taught and performed at the Ozark Folk Center at Mountain View since the early 1980’s. He enjoys teaching dances that are fun to watch as well as fun to do. 
He recently won the National Old Time Buck Dance competition at Uncle Dave Macon Days, the 2014 Clifftop Flatfoot Dance contest in his age group, and the Augusta Heritage 2014 overall flatfoot championship.

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