Flatfoot/Buck Dance

- Dancers who want to provide articulate percussion to the tune.

- Singers who want to drive a song with a strong rhythm

- Musicians who want to add energy to a tune

- Dance bands who want to raise the energy of  dance tunes.

- Families who want to have fun and learn skills to bring home

Seated foot percussion

Who should attend?



This is the percussive dance similar to clogging, but with more connection to the music. It is danced close to the floor, usually in leather soled street shoes. The basic rhythms are easy to learn, and you will quickly be adding percussion to your favorite tune.

Steve teaches beginning to advanced bones playing techniques for one or both hands. Bones supplied for class. Learn how to accompany tunes and ballads.

Joanie plays the washboard with both thimbles and brushes. Your washboard sound can be intense and driving, or soft and feathery, depending on what your song or tune needs.


Old Time Percussion Workshops

Seated percussion while you sing or play a tune. Learn a percussion break for a ballad. Put the "bottom" in that fiddle tune. Add zing to your vocals.

We love to teach old time percussion. These are family friendly workshops that use all kinds of traditional percussion instruments. These include flatfoot & buck dance, body percussion, washboards, bones, and seated foot percussion. We supply the instruments, all you need to do is be ready to have a great time.


Who we are?

We have taught traditional percussion in several states, and on tours in England, Ireland, and Scotland. As Ozark Foot Song we include percussion in performance of ballads, tunes, and dance. Steve recently won firsts in the Clifftop and Augusta flatfoot dance competitions.