"Stepping" is the Arkansas Ozark Mountain jig dance, or step dancing. Steve's stepping is influenced by Appalachian flatfooting, southern mountain buck dance, and old time tap. He especially enjoys helping folks incorporate stepping in their square dancing, an Ozark tradition.

Step Dance

Traditional  Old Time Song

We regularly teach workshops -

Suggested topics include -

- Old time Step dance - flatfoot/buck/tap 

- Old Time Square dance patter calling, hambone, bones playing, washboard

- Southern mountain harmony singing

Waltz and Two-Step couple dance


Square Dance

Caller Workshops

Square Dance


Ozark Foot Song is Joanie Green, Mim Heinrichs, and Steve Green, all of the tiny town of West Fork, AR.  We  perform and teach at festivals, house concerts, dance weekends, coffee bars, you name it. Midwest US to the east coast, and Scotland, England,  and Ireland. In 2018 & 2017 we added the Rocky Mountain Old Time Music Festival.

-2018 & 2017 Flatfoot, couple dance, and square dance calling at Rocky Mountain Old Time Music Festival

- 2018 &2017 Fine Times at Our House Old Time Festival

-2018 Green's Farm Spring Camp-n-Dance

-2017 Folk Dance Days; Mtn. View, AR

- 2015 Winner National Buck Dance Competition, Uncle Dave Macon Days; Murfreesboro, Tn
- 2015 First place senior division Clifftop Flatfoot competition
- 2015 Augusta AV Dance week flatfoot contest winner

- Towersey Folk Festival 2009 & 2013; Oxfordshire, England; main stage -

- Whitby Folk Festival; Yorkshire, England; 5 day flatfoot workshop; 2009 & 2013

- Christmas Showcase; Historic Arkansas Museum, Little Rock, AR

 Ozark Foot Song

We started the West Fork Old Time Square Dance in 2014. Steve calls there and at several other monthly dances. He enjoys helping beginners have success with Old Time Squares, as well as challenging experienced dancers with new squares in the old time style. He especially enjoys passing along the Ozark tradition of dancers "stepping" or flatfooting  while moving through the figures of southern mountain style squares.

Old Time Square Dance calling all levels

- Beginners - learn to select appropriate dances for the dancers on the floor - how to manage

multiple squares - how to present yourself with confidence and ease

- Experienced - Patter calling in the old time tradition - patter with purpose


Out and about

Dance & Storytelling